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Saving Napolean

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Every June, thousands of pigs are auctioned for slaughter by High School Students who raise them from birth through programs run by the FFA (Future Farmers of America) and 4H. Young activists in the Animal Rights community, led by very own Zoe Rosenberg, have been aggressively protesting these school programs, raising awareness to the basic fact that teaching kids to raise and slaughter animal desensitizes them to the fact that these sentient creatures want nothing more than to live their own happy lives.

As a result of such activism, many students who participate in these FFA and 4H programs are starting to have second thoughts when it comes time to sell the animals they raised to slaughter. Unfortunately, there is extreme social and economic pressure on these kids to go through with the brutal process of sending the creatures they have formed bonds with to the kill floor. And sometimes these students reach out to activists like Zoe for help, asking her to find an an alternative future for the animals they raised. Other times, activists reach out to students who are are trying to sell their animals outside of the standard auction process, letting them know there is another path - sending their animals to a sanctuary.

That is exactly what happened with a beautiful pig named Napoleon. The 15 year old boy who raised him from birth was relieved to find a path for saving him. And in the end, said he would never participate in the FFA program again.

After spending a week at Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary, we found him a permanent home at Healing Hearts Farm Sanctuary where he will live out his life in peace and freedom. Like all of these smart, friendly, loving pigs that are raised by students in FFA and 4H programs, he did not want to die and thanks to the efforts of many, he did not have to.

Please Donate to help us cover the ongoing costs of fighting these FFA and 4H programs. At Happy Hen, we pride ourselves on being a leading force on the West Coast for rescues involving FFA and 4H students who don't want to put their animals up for slaughter.


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