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Saving Hundreds of Hens (Large Rescue)

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

There is a common misconception that egg-laying hens live happy lives, producing eggs in a big red barn that looks like something out of a pleasant children's book. The reality could not be more different. Housed by the thousands, hens are forced to live in dark, filthy, overcrowded production facilities for 18 months of intense suffering.

And when those 18 months of abuse are up, these hens are not put out to pasture in some glorious green meadow somewhere. No, they are simply deemed "spent," as they can no longer produce eggs at their maximum rate. Farmers then sell off these hens to butchers, often for use in animal feed.

That's exactly what happened to 20,000 Hens in a horrible facility in Northern California. While most facilities are bad, this one was particularly bad - the hens there were infested with parasites and rampant with respiratory infections. That's where a group of activists stepped in, rushing to save as many of these animals as possible.

In total, over 600 hens were saved from slaughter, with 216 of the sickest animals coming here to Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary. They received immediate veterinary care here at Happy Hen and are being looked after around the clock as they are given antibiotics to address their respiratory infections and rampant parasites.

After spending a week at Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary, we have begun finding permanent homes for these wonderful animals at other sanctuaries around California. These hens will now be able to live out the remainder of their lives in happy places, safe and secure.

Please Donate to help us cover the ongoing costs of recusing and rehabilitating animals abused by the factory farming industry across California and other western states.

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